We Carry out

a full range of Alterations and Repairs to:- 

Wedding, day and Evening dresses, day to day cloths and mens garments 


Over recent years we have found that a lot of people are buying their cloths over the internet, then getting them delivered only to find that they don't fit.


We offer a full alteration and repair service and alter anything

from trousers that are too long ,to re-modelling

mothers heirloom wedding dress to fit the new bride. 


Some of the alterations we undertake are :-

  • Shortening garments
  • Adding new  zips                                   
  • Letting out garments
  • Taking in garments
  • Complete re- modelling
  • Seam repairs


It usually only takes 7 days for alterations to be completed, however, if 

re-modelling is required, then it may take a little longer.


Please feel free to give us a ring on 01274 546638 if you

require a price on any standard alteration.